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About Us


Randall Middle School is located in Lithia, FL. The orchestra, lead by Mr. Sanderson, has over 120 members and is growing! They have several performances throughout the year, so check the calendar if you're interested in seeing them in action.

Are you a sixth grader or new student interested in joining?

There are several reasons you should consider orchestra (or any music!):

- Students who participate in orchestra are scientifically proven to have better test scores and higher academic success.

- You get to learn a new skill that not everyone knows, making it a unique experience for every student involved.

- You get to perform music alongside your friends and create a culture of creativity and musicianship together.

-You get to choose any instrument you want to play: violin, viola, cello bass.


Our Orchestras

Forte Strings


The Forte Strings group is composed of students who are fresh out of the wheel/CRDM. The class starts in January and is for students who have never played a stringed instrument/in an orchestra before. No experience is required, and students will learn and develop skills in musicianship, performance, music reading, and responsibility for their membership in orchestra.

Philharmonic Orchestra

Students who have completed the sixth grade Forte Strings class will continue to develop their performance skills in the Philharmonic Strings class. This class is for students who wish to join orchestra during their 7th or 8th grade year. Students will perform at the Fall, Winter & Spring Concerts, Pre-MPA (Music Performance Assessment,) and the End of the Year Concert.Students will fine-tune their musical reading skills and performance techniques prior to their membership in the Symphonic Strings class.

Symphonic Orchestra


The Symphonic Strings class is composed of students who perform at an advanced playing ability (due to private lessons, advanced number of playing years, or exceptional musicianship in the Randall Philharmonic Strings).The Symphonic Strings student must have a high level of maturity and sense of responsibility to keep up with the standards expected for this major performing orchestra ensemble. Required concerts are:Fall, Winter, & Spring Concerts, school assemblies (if applicable), FOA Music Performance Assessment, and the End-of-the-Year Concert.

Chamber Orchestra 


Chamber Strings is a small ensemble of musicians that perform in the community and at school performances, often without a conductor.Members must audition demonstrating the following qualities: outstanding music reading skills, technique on their instrument, musicianship, leadership, confidence, and teamwork. Required performances are: t the Fall, Winter, Spring Concerts, FOA Music Performance Assessment, and the End of the Year Concert.This group will represent Randall Middle School at community events and performances (i.e Veteran’s Day events and other opportunities scheduled throughout the year).