eLearning Assignments 4-21 thru 4-24

1) Every student will complete a quiz on Edsby that coincides with a YouTube video (links are posted in the quiz/on the Edsby wall).

2) Students will complete a mastery.

7th/8th Graders: You will complete Wood's Bolero Measures 46-61 either on Smartmusic or via a video on Edsby. You choose whatever version you wish.

6th Graders: You will complete #75 from the book. It is NOT on Smartmusic and you must do it via a video on Edsby. 4th fingers are super important and I want to see you perform with them in the mastery.

See Edsby for full details.

There are no Zoom meetings this week.


Thank you for all of the support from parents, the community, and the faculty, staff, and administration of Randall Middle School!

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