eLearning Assignments 4-6 thru 4-9

Updated: Apr 5

This post is also on the main page of Edsby. Check the dates to make sure you are doing the correct assignments.

You had two masteries, two theories, and a playing test due last week.

There are some big changes that I have made in order to lessen the confusion. I know you all are juggling a lot right now, so I am hoping to condense everything to make it make more sense. Below, you will find a link to a OneDrive folder that will contain an agenda for the week. In that agenda, are links to a couple of Microsoft Forms and in these forms are everything you need for you weekly theory lessons and your weekly in-person playing quiz. Please follow all of the links and read all of the instructions before reaching out - I made it easy to follow and understand.

The daily assignments are a guide. You can choose to do them as you wish, but the assignments aren’t due until Friday.

The materials for this week are available through OneDrive. To access them:

1) Click this link:


2) Login with your lunchnumber@hcps.net (i.e 123456@hcps.net)

3) When redirected, use your normal password.

5) Find your class period and take a look at all of the agenda for the week. It will open in the Excel Online platform.


Thank you for all of the support from parents, the community, and the faculty, staff, and administration of Randall Middle School!

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