eLearning Assignments week of 3-30 thru 4-3

All of these materials are posted under your "Journal" of Edsby. Check the dates to make sure you are doing the correct assignments.

The materials are available through OneDrive just in case Edsby isn't working properly. To access them:

1) Click this link: https://hillsborough-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/193665_hcps_net/EivzgVaKhcVLvVHIftChmx4BtH7YKFjq4FToZnfAFGX4mA?e=QQFBho

2) Login with your lunchnumber@hcps.net (i.e 123456@hcps.net)

3) When redirected, use your normal password.

5) Find your class period and take a look at all of the documents inside for the week.


Thank you for all of the support from parents, the community, and the faculty, staff, and administration of Randall Middle School!

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