If you are interested in supporting the orchestra, please consider supporting the program as a Randall Middle School Orchestra Booster member!

The Randall Middle School Orchestra Boosters Association is a parent group whose mission is to support the orchestra logistically and financially.  They arrange fundraisers, manage the cash flow, help provide music and supplies, and assist the director in organizing events.  The school district only provides a minimal amount of money each year to fund our program - far short of the funds needed.  Therefore, the orchestra boosters provide a variety of fundraisers to support the orchestra program. The booster organization is comprised of an executive board, committee chairs, and general membership.  We strongly encourage all orchestra parents to be involved in this wonderful organization by establishing a Boosters sponsorship.  Enrollment for Boosters Sponsorship can be done by completing the attached Boosters Sponsorship form.  



Ashley Basquill - President
Alisa Adams - Treasurer
Jennifer Collis – Secretary